Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annual Greenwood Picnic 2010

Wow! I don't blog! HA- what a layoff from September.

Anywho the Annual Nittany MBA Greenwood ride and picnic is in the books. What a great day with awesome people! We rolled out and some up climbed the nasty Sassafras trail while the smart people climbed the fireroad to Pigpile. There we waited for the mentally challenged and discovered the guy who brought the dog, had already lost it. Pontzer went back to help Don find Aemon and gets double points for being helpful and alleviating the wrath of group upon the Princess. Pigpile rocked, Rodney flatted before the gasline then I did after the gasline - easy fix and jumped on tail of the group to hit not-so-flat-road.

From there we hit the typical coopers gap stuff and then headed back over the mountain. Kettle road is still steep but we actually bypassed it with Peep. That was steep but 'felt' shorter, you actually bounce out right before the overlook. After an awesome view of the valley we dropped Sass back to the picnic area.

Burgers, sides, adult beverages, ride recap. U know the story. Sweet day with a great group of folks!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So yesterday I guest lectured on eCommerce to a soph/jun business class here at PSU. There were actually 2 classes so I had to give it twice - ugggghhh! I changed my talk to include more relevant (re: boring) information and removed the history (re: FUN!) section from last semester. Less fluff, more stuff. But then that made it difficult to keep the class attention. I did ok. I didn't get enough time to polish it up as these changes were last minute. But I got the most salient points across and some the kids thought it was good. The second class was a real challenge tho. After lunch, kids not into answering questions or participating. Tough. Plus I'm not used to doing back to back presentations, so the 'prof' was struggling too. All in all a good day. Beware I might be back in Spring. If anyone wants me to cover their class for a day, my rate is a bad lunch with the option of a cup of coffee later.

Weekend that was

Sat: Erdley, Glover, Mikey, and I (+ some mark guy) do the roughest 70 miles I've done in a while. It rained, it was windy, we added some climbs. We waited for the 'other' guy. We worked together well and the speed was the usual. For some reason I alternated between good and feeling like I could drop off the back.

Sun: 28 riders show for an RB Winter ride! This is the largest turnout for any ride that I can remember. Must be because everyone felt bad for Pontzer and didn't want him to have to ride alone. We ripped it pretty good. No major mechanicals and the group kept an excellent pace through the treacherous trails and long climbs. Really impressed the area has so many skilled riders. State College is seriously becoming mtn bike mecca. Please don't tell anyone!